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Quality School Frameworks

CCOSA Quality School Frameworks

School leaders are the educational leaders in their communities and carry the responsibility of providing quality solutions to educational problems. CCOSA recognizes that Oklahoma has some of the best educational leaders in the nation who are providing tremendous, evidence based programs that meet the needs of Oklahoma students. The CCOSA Quality School Framework is developed by identifying a need schools are facing, gathering Oklahoma school leaders who are addressing that need at a high level, and producing a framework of best practice that all Oklahoma schools can replicate. Quality School Frameworks already in place include:

  • NEW! CCOSA Blended Framework 3.0
  • CCOSA Blended Framework 2.0 is an extension of the original Blended Framework and provides expectations for virtual teachers, sample pay models for virtual teachers, virtual attendance policy guidance, and suggestions on how to implement random virtual day instruction.
  • CCOSA Blended Learning Framework which provides high performing standards for schools to follow to blend traditional classes with virtual classes.
  • CCOSA Energy Efficiency Framework provides proven energy efficiency saving techniques that ensures the school is operating at a highly efficient level thus freeing up dollars for the classroom.
  • CCOSA Professional Budget Framework provides a professional budget template that includes all aspects of the school that affect the budget. The Budget Framework guides the school budget maker through the process of developing a truly exemplary and accurate budget.

Professional School Budgeting Framework

Energy Efficiency Framework

NEW!! Blended Framework 3.0

First page of the PDF file: CCOSABlendedFramework30-FINAL

Blended Learning Framework 2.0

First page of the PDF file: 620-Blended-Framework-20

Blended Learning Framework

First page of the PDF file: 530BlendedFramework