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First Year Superintendents

CCOSA in partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education provides all of the professional development required activities.  

OAC 210:20-21-1. Requirements for first-year superintendents 

The State Board of Education reaffirms its commitment to provide support and services to school superintendents in Oklahoma. To assist first-year superintendents in the state in providing their respective districts with maximum leadership, efficient management, and strong educational programs, the following professional development requirements shall be met by each superintendent employed for the first time in the state of Oklahoma as a district superintendent:

Meet qualifications for a Provisional or Standard School Superintendent Certificate. During the first year as a superintendent, attend the following eleven (11) days of professional development training seminars:

1 day: Attend a regular meeting of the Oklahoma State Board of Education.
2 days: Attend the Oklahoma Administrators' Annual Conference.
8 days: Attend State Department of Education professional development training seminars scheduled throughout the school year.

  • Superintendent/Board of Education Relationship
  • Legal Issues/School Law/Open Meeting Laws
  • Staff Relationship
  • Community Relationship
  • School Finance
  • Plant Management/School Facilities
  • Setting School District/Site Goals
  • Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)

The Standard or Provisional School Superintendent Certificate issued for the first year of employment as a district superintendent shall be considered invalid for the second year if the certificate holder has not met all the requirements identified above prior to the second year of employment as a district superintendent. Any district superintendent employed after the annual summer conference has been offered shall enter the program at the point of employment and shall attend all training requirements as listed above. Verification of training shall be submitted to the director of the program at the State Department of Education. A certificate will be provided to superintendents upon completion of the training requirements.

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