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Boot Camp 1: Basic School Finance

Focuses on school fund structure, the components of the state funding formula, critical sections of the Estimate of Needs, advanced and basic budgeting techniques and Ad Valorem taxes.

Offered in OKC and Tulsa

September 3, 2024 CCOSA Office, OKC


September 5, 2024 Tulsa Tech - Lemley Campus, Tulsa



Boot Camp 2: Advanced School Finance

Focuses on state revenue projections, fund balance management, monitoring state revenues, other funds (bond, sinking, child nutrition, and building) and development of the school budget. 

Budget Bootcamp 3: Advanced School Finance
Presented by CCOSA 
The workshop will focus on the current state budget picture and how schools can plan for next year.

March 13, 2025 CCOSA Office, OKC