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Coaching and Mentoring Training

Principal Coaching

Principal Coaching: Supporting & Sustaining School Leaders
Designed to provide tools for individuals that supervise principals or individuals that mentor other principals.  This training will give participants tools to use when mentoring other leaders to provide thoughtful guidance.
The Principal Coaching sessions includes 3 trainings. 
Sept. 17, 2024
Oct. 29, 2024
Dec. 3, 2024

If you are a veteran education leader, whether as a principal, director, or central office administrator, you will benefit from the research and practices necessary to mentor, support and coach principals. With guidance from NAESP Certified Coaches, you can join this cohort to learn the latest strategies, tools and resources necessary to grow the capacity of other leaders, retain strong leaders, increase the leadership pipeline and reduce turnover. This cohort meets three times in the Fall Semester.