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Legislative Services

  • 2021 OASA Legislative Conference          

    The OASA Annual Legislative Conference 2021 provided a rich overview of the CCOSA Legislative Agenda for the upcoming Oklahoma legislative session as well as a future-focused review of work going on at the national level with President Joe Biden's potential education agenda. » Read More
  • Bills Requiring Board Action 2019          

    Find a comprehensive list of bills from the 2019 Legislative session that will require Board action. Please contact Jeanene Barnett at or Andrea Kunkel at for more information. » Read More
  • 2020 Education Bills          

    Listed here are the education bills that CCOSA has tracked through the 2020 Legislative Session and that have direct or indirect impact on Oklahoma education.  You can click on the bill numbers to read the entire text of the bill.  You can access a summary of the bills either by category or, more directly, by bill number. » Read More
  • Fast Facts About Oklahoma Schools          

    Oklahoma's public schools provide many important services throughout our state. The OK SDE has compiled fast facts about our schools, the resources they receive, the quality of education they provide, the students they serve, and the educators they employ! » Read More
  • How to Talk to Your Legislators (Lobbying Techniques)          

    The most important lobbying tool is personal contact in the lawmaker’s home district through arranging meetings and site visits. » Read More
  • Legislative Tracking Lists          

    There are many bills that have the potential to impact public education this session. Take a few minutes to access the bills CCOSA is following this session and stay on top of the issues! » Read More
  • Legislative Committee Information          

    There are many steps in the legislative process, but committee hearings are perhaps the most critical for legislators vetting legislation. You can learn about committees and when they meet here. » Read More
  • Understanding the Legislative Process          

    Working with the legislature can be confusing. Thankfully the Oklahoma Policy Institute has created a Legislative Primer for 2020 that helps answer many questions about the process, rules, and people working at the State Capitol. » Read More