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  • CCOSA Guidance for State Question 801- Use of School Building Funds          

    State Question 801 would remove the restrictions on how schools can spend the 5 mills that are currently reserved for the building fund, for school district maintenance, repairs, upkeep and construction of facilities and allows that revenue to also be spent on general operations.

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  • CCOSA's Position on SQ 800          

    SQ 800 is a constitutional amendment that would create a new reserve fund for oil and gas revenue. If passed, five percent of the collections from the gross production tax on oil and gas would be diverted to the Oklahoma Vision Fund beginning July 1, 2020. The percentage of GPT going into the fund would increase by two-tenths of a percent each year.

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  • Be The Change          

    Supporting the 695,000 school children of our state fuels our unity of purpose as educators. Let's build on the momentum we are experiencing in support of public education and get out the educator vote in upcoming elections. We can change the course of the future by going to the polls to elect pro-education candidates.

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  • STEP UP for Teachers Advocacy Day          

    STEP UP for Teachers Advocacy Day important information -  schedule of events, Step Up bill summaries, legislative alert and more. Join us on Monday, February 12, 2018! » Read More
  • CCOSA Student Scholarship Program & Application          

    The 2018 CCOSA Scholarship Application is now available for graduating seniors whose parents are current CCOSA members. Applications are due no later than Friday, March 9, 2018.

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  • School Safety Week          

    School Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Anyone who sees, hears or reads something that seems strange or scary should call the school security tip line- 855-337-8300 or 405-810-1158, or report a tip on-line; » Read More
  • Teacher for a Day!          

    One of the best ways to educate and inform your legislators, business and community leaders about your schools is to invite them into your classrooms to see the great teaching and learning that goes on every day. » Read More
  • CCOSA Statement on Education Funding          

    When we communicate with our legislators, our members and the public, we make sure the information we are sharing is factual. It is our responsibility to be transparent and thoughtful, particularly when we are sharing data that directly impacts our public school students. Regardless of what others might say, the facts confirm that we are underinvesting in public education and short-changing our students. » Read More
  • 2017 CCOSA New Law Book          

    2017 CCOSA New Law Book in pdf format. » Read More
  • 2017 CCOSA/USSA Law Day & Summer Conference          

    Resources and presentations from the June 7-8, 2017 CCOSA/USSA Law Day & Summer Conference held at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center in Norman. » Read More
  • Free Webinar | Quality Questioning: A Catalyst for Thinking & Learning          

    What is quality questioning? How can teachers use this process to stimulate student thinking and support classroom dialogue? Why is dialogue essential to meaningful formative feedback? » Read More
  • National School Breakfast Week 2017—March 6-10          

    Mark your calendar for National School Breakfast Week! This year’s theme, “Take the School Breakfast Challenge,” encourages parents, students and school officials to start their morning with a healthy breakfast. » Read More
  • Tracking List of Education Bills          

    Click HERE to download CCOSA's latest tracking list of education bills via eCapitol.

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  • Oklahoma's Public Education Administration Costs          

    Oklahoma's public school central office administrators were collectively responsible for managing an industry with over 83,000 employees, 680,000+ students, and expenditures in excess of $5.5 billion in FY 2016. » Read More
  • Governor Mary Fallin's State of the State Address and FY 2018 Budget Proposal          

    Governor Fallin has made her seventh State of the State Address. In addition, she offered her Executive Budget Proposal for FY 2018. » Read More
  • Breakfast in the Classroom Grants Available for Oklahoma Schools          

    Do you want to increase breakfast consumption among schoolchildren and spark the academic and nutritional gains associated with the morning meal through the implementation of breakfast in the classroom?
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  • Partners for Breakfast In the Classroom          

    Since 2010, the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom have successfully expanded alternative school breakfast programs with schools in 36 school districts and 18 states to provide breakfast to over 63,000 additional low-income students.

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  • Breakfast for Learning          

    Raise awareness of the importance of breakfast, its impact on student academic achievement and the role that principals play in expanding breakfast participation. » Read More
  • Food Research and Action Council          

    The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) is the leading national nonprofit organization working to improve public policies and public-private partnerships to eradicate hunger and undernutrition in the United States.  » Read More
  • Athletic Trainer Grant          

    As part of its commitment to promote athlete health and safety at all levels of sport, the NFL Foundation has launched a pilot grant program to provide funding to public high schools with football programs that have limited or no access to an athletic trainer. Eligible high schools in four states – Arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma and Oregon – can apply for a three-year grant award totaling $35,000 through this pilot program.
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  • 2016 CCOSA New Law Book          

    2016 CCOSA New Law Book in pdf format. » Read More
  • National School Lunch Week: October 10-14          

    Created by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, National School Lunch Week (NSLW) is a weeklong celebration of the school lunch program. School Nutrition Association (SNA) members celebrate in their cafeterias each year with decorations, special menus, events and more.  » Read More
  • 2016 Oklahoma Legislature Approved Interim Studies          

    The Oklahoma Legislature has approved the Fall 2016 Interim Studies for the House and Senate. You can access the list of approved studies here!

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  • ESSA - Quick Guides on Top Issues          

    The Education Commission of the States has created a report that provides insight into key areas of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

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  • State Question 779 (SQ 779) Resources          

    On Nov. 8, Oklahoma voters will have an opportunity to show their support for public education by voting YES on State Question 779, a statewide penny sales tax dedicated to education. » Read More
  • Pro Public Education Candidates for 2016 Election          

    Many voters are asking for information about candidates for state elected office that support public education. Voters can access a list of candidates that have been identified as supporters of public education.

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  • Fast Facts About Oklahoma Schools          

    Oklahoma's public schools provide many important services throughout our state. The OK SDE has compiled fast facts about our schools, the resources they receive, the quality of education they provide, the students they serve, and the educators they employ! » Read More
  • Closing the Budget Hole          

    Our state faces an unprecedented budget crisis. Fortunately the Oklahoma Policy Institute has put together a broad menu of revenue options that are worth considering as part of a fair and sustainable budget. » Read More
  • Lobbying Techniques          

    The most important lobbying tool is personal contact in the lawmaker’s home district through arranging meeting and site visits. » Read More
  • Legislative Tracking Lists          

    There are many bills that have the potential to impact public education this session. Take a few minutes to access the bills CCOSA is following this session and stay on top of the issues! » Read More
  • Talking Points For Major Legislative Issues          

    The legislative session is well underway and legislators are already considering bills that seek to fundamentally alter the landscape of public education.

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  • Governor Mary Fallin's State of the State Address and FY 2017 Budget Proposal          

    Governor Fallin has offered her Executive Budget Proposal for FY 2017. You can access those materials here. » Read More
  • 2016 Legislative Session: Standing Committee Schedule          

    Standing Committee Schedule for the 2016 Legislative Session courtesy of eCapitol. » Read More
  • Legislative Committee Information          

    There are many steps in the legislative process, but committee hearings are perhaps the most critical for legislators vetting legislation. You can learn about committees and when they meet here. » Read More
  • Understanding the Legislative Process          

    Working with the legislature can be confusing. Thankfully the Oklahoma Policy Institute has created a Legislative Primer for 2016 that helps answer many questions about the process, rules, and people working at the State Capitol. » Read More
  • Peeking Into The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)          

    Oklahoma's education leaders have questions about ESSA - the federal education law.  This presentation will help explain some of the major differences between ESSA and the former education law - No Child Left Behind.  This presentation also helps explain our first steps in the transition from NCLB to ESSA. » Read More
  • Next Generation School Accountability          

    Next Generation School Accountability Report, A report commissioned by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and released in December 2015. » Read More
  • Understanding Differences Between NCLB and ESSA          

    Here is a quick synopsis of the differences between NCLB and ESSA. » Read More
  • McREL Resources          

    This page contains resources and contact information for McREL International. » Read More
  • OSSBA School Job Listings          

    The Oklahoma State School Boards Association Hiring Consortium was formed to offer candidates a single place to view and apply for positions in multiple OSSBA Member districts, statewide. » Read More
  • Special Hotel Rates for Association Members          

    Information about Oklahoma City hotels that have offered a special rate to CCOSA members when they stay in the Oklahoma City area. » Read More
  • For the People: A Vision for Oklahoma Public Education          

    For the People: A Vision for Oklahoma Public Education is the result of two years of study and research by more than five dozen school administrators and school board members, representing CareerTech and urban, rural and suburban districts. The initiative seeks unprecedented collaboration among educators, policymakers, families and communities at the state and local levels. » Read More
  • SSO and SLO Resources          

    SSO and SLO Resources

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  • Affordable colleges in Oklahoma resource          

    Affordable Colleges Online, an organization dedicated to providing free higher education tools for current and future college students and their families, recently published research on all the Not-For-Profit universities and colleges in Oklahoma that offer online college programs. » Read More
  • Job Search Services          

    CCOSA is excited to offer FREE, online job postings to our members. » Read More
  • Keeping Kids Safe - Family Builders          

    Family Builders teaches adults to recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of abuse and bullying. » Read More
  • New Process for Reporting Safety Drills to Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security          

    Quick and easy online method to report school safety drills. » Read More
  • Oklahoma School Security Institute Launches Tip Line for Schools          

    The Oklahoma School Security Institute (OSSI) launches a tip line to keep schools safe. » Read More