CCOSA Student Scholarship Program & Application
Feb 07, 2018

CCOSA proudly hosts an annual Senior Scholarship Program, awarding exceptional Oklahoma students a scholarship to apply towards their first year in college. Children of active CCOSA members (not including Associate, Business, or OARSA members) are eligible and encouraged to participate.
Please note that a common scholarship form is used for this process. Members of the scholarship selection committee will best match the student's accomplishments with the criteria set forth in the scholarships listed below. While the application is available to complete electronically, a printed form with original signatures must be mailed to the CCOSA office by the deadline Friday, March 9, 2018.
Click here to download the CCOSA Senior Scholarship application.
CCOSA/OSAG/Gene Keith Scholarship $4,000.00
OSAG/Four Regional Scholarships $1,000.00/each
CCOSA/OSIG/Randall Raburn Scholarship $2,000.00
CCOSA/MGM/Harvey Reimer Scholarship $2,000.00
CCOSA/Renaissance Learning/Steven Crawford Scholarship $2,000.00
OASA/Horace Mann/Pete Rhames Scholarship $2,000.00
OASSP/RedSky Constructors/J.B. Flatt Scholarship $2,000.00
OMLEA/RedSky Constructors/Scholarship $2,000.00
OAESP/Horizon Financial Services Scholarship $2,000.00

Please email Lynne White or Will Parker for more information.