CCOSA Blended Learning Framework
Jul 09, 2019

CCOSA created an advisory team of public school leaders, including the Oklahoma Technology Association (OTA), to develop a virtual blended learning framework. This framework is designed to be used as a guide for Oklahoma schools to develop a high-quality blended learning environment that can support appropriate virtual education opportunities. 

Key components of the Framework are: 
- Guidance for schools to consider when developing and implementing a high-quality blended instruction model. 
- Guidelines for teacher selection and teacher training for work in a blended/virtual environment. 
- Recommendations for how to identify students likely to succeed in a blended/virtual environment. 
- Guidance in the selection of technology resources that aid in the implementation of blended/virtual learning. 
- Measurement tools that determine if a blended/virtual program is gold, silver or bronze standard. 

View and download the full Framework here

View and download the rubrics: 
- Teacher Expectations
- Student Measures 
- Resource Expectations 
- Implementation 

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