2020 Education Bills
May 29, 2019

             CCOSA Education Law and Agency Rules Book 2020

        Oklahoma Education New Laws and Rules 2020 can be accessed by
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Listed below are the education bills that CCOSA has tracked through the 2020 Legislative Session and that have direct or indirect impact on Oklahoma education.  You can click on the bill numbers to read the entire text of the bill.  

     New Laws Impacting Students

  • HB 3400 Advanced Placement Courses

     New Laws Informing Administrative Decisions

  • HB 3142 Administration Certification
  • HB 3369  Charter School Sponsor Fee
  • HB 3398 Employee Background Checks
  • SB 1115  Emergency/Provisional Certification
  • SB 1125 Certification Reciprocity
  • SB 1198 Local Medical Emergency Plan
       New Laws Impacting State Agencies

  • HB 1230 Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Transparency
  • HB 2905 Virtual Charters School Reform
  • HB 3350 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
  • HB 4018 Broadband Expansion Study

  • HB 3964 No Penalty for General Fund Carryover Excess
  • SB   212 Virtual Charter School Initial State Aid Calculation
  • SB 1921 Appropriates Rainy Day Fund Money to State Board of Education
  • SB 1922 General State Appropriations 
  • HB 4153 Education Line-item Budget 

New Rules to the Oklahoma Administrative Code*

  • Medical Exemptions from Chronic Absenteeism [REVOKED]
  • Medical Exemptions from Chronic Absenteeism [ADDED]
  • School Bus Driver Certification
  • Length of Term or School Calendar
  • Oklahoma Secondary School Honor Society
  • Teacher and Leader Evaluation System
  • Emergency Certification:  Period of Validity
  • Guidelines for Minimizing Seclusion and Restraing of Students
  • Reading Sufficiency Act Deadlines and Definitions
  • Accounting:  OCAS Deadlines
*Pending Signature of the Governor
Search for any bills through a general bill search on the Oklahoma Legislature website.