Professional Development

Professional Development

Click Here to download the 2016-17 CCOSA Professional Development Calendar in pdf format.


CCOSA Summer Conference
The CCOSA Summer Conference is the premier conference for Oklahoma school administrators at all levels. The CCOSA Conference encompasses all public school administrators from each association under the CCOSA umbrella (OASA, OAESP, OASSP, OMLEA and ODSS).

OASSP Fall Conference
An informative professional development event geared to the needs of the secondary administrator, the OASSP Fall Conference provides a unique opportunity to network with secondary administrators from around the state.

ODSS Best Practices Conference
Special education is a complex and difficult area, with frequent changes in information, materials and interpretation.

OASA Legislative Conference
Come join Oklahoma's education leaders as they promote the CCOSA Legislative Agenda for the upcoming legislative session. Members of the Oklahoma Legislature will participate in panel discussions covering education policy and funding.

OAESP Mid-Winter Conference
Become the leader, you know you can be by attending this OAESP premiere event. The annual one day conference supports building level principals, assistant principals, leadership teams and elementary education directors by providing pertinent information on current issues impacting elementary education.

OMLEA Conference
Traditionally held in February of each year, the OMLEA Conference is geared for all middle level educators and administrators. The goal of the conference is to improve the educational experiences of middle school students by providing vision, knowledge and resources to all who serve them.


Budgeting: Budget Management Principles - 2 Part Series
Part 1: Learn strategies for budget management including maintaining financial stability, projecting state aid revenue, critical Estimate of Needs information, expenditure budget, ad valorem taxes and duties of the treasurer and encumbrance clerk.
Part 2: Building on Part 1 information, these program focuses on fund balance management, monitoring state revenue collections, monitoring and adjusting for revenues and expenses, managing other funds, and additional management strategies

Managing School Activity Funds and Sanctioning
School leaders must know the basics of managing school activity funds, what they must do to ensure that internal controls are in place to manage cash, and the importance of knowing about sanctioning clubs and organizations.

School Finance
OSAC and CCOSA are please to jointly provide timely programs in the areas of School Finance and School Business Operations.

School Finance: State Aid Formula - 2 Part Series
Basic State Aid Formula - Part 1: Learn in-depth details about the state aid formula that include how to maximize student formula weights and the reports that generate the student counts.

Calculating Mid-Term Projections, Independent Audit: Understanding Your Audit & Common Audit Problems, ESSA & Special Ed Maintenance of Effort & Excess Costs - Part 2: State Aid formula experts will teach you the steps to calculate state aid mid-term projections. Learn about your audit and common audit problems from independent auditors, and MOE for ESSA and Special Education will be discussed.

State Budget & The Office of the Superintendent: Understanding the State Budget Certification Process, discussing the Superintendent’s Evaluation, and Negotiating the Superintendent’s Contract
Learn more about the State Board of Equalization Process as the Board prepares to review and revise the 2017 levels of appropriation for the Legislature. This session is for you if you are interested in learning about a new superintendent’s evaluation system and how other superintendent’s negotiate their contracts.

Leadership Development

10 Skills for Principals Leadership Institute
This conference will deliver great content focused on the areas where Assistant Principals want more training.

Aspiring Principals & Assistant Principals
This full day session is designed to help YOU - the aspiring principal - decide if you really want to become an administrator. Each full day session is offered in the fall and spring at an OKC or Broken Arrow location.

Brunch & Learn Leadership Webinars
Are you looking for a great way to connect and collaborate with other school leaders? CCOSA is launching a monthly Webinar series so that you can learn and grow with others from the convenience of your own office computer or mobile device. Join William D. Parker, Skiatook High School Principal, who will host these monthly virtual meet-ups.

Building Leadership Capacity
“Stepping Up and Stepping Out” Are you prepared to take an administrative position? Learn about the ethics in the profession, how to prepare for a job interview, write a resume, make a presentation, and negotiate a superintendent’s contract.

Leadership Development: Lead with Vision, Shape School Culture, and Improve Communications
Leading instruction in school districts is the focus for this session. Learn how superintendents lead with vision, work with staff to build relationships and shape school culture, and improve communications.

New Principals Assistance
The New Principals Assistance Program format provides you with a “support group” in these early critical years of your career.  This is an outstanding program that provides solutions to the frustration and the conflicts that develop in the principalship effectively bridging the theoretical/practical gap.

ODSS First-Year Directors
New first-year special education directors are eligible to participate in the First-Year Special Education Directors Project, a joint effort of ODSS/CCOSA and the State Department of Education, Special Education Services section. The purpose of the Project is to help support first-year directors as they learn the requirements of their new job.

School Leadership Basics

School Law

Legal Aspects:  School Law for Administrators
Spend a day with the CCOSA legal team learning about hot topics in school law, legal communications (elections, open meetings, board reports), suggestions for OCR compliance, and how to comply with the new FLSA and DOJ rgulations..

OASA Legislative Conference
Come join Oklahoma's education leaders as they promote the CCOSA Legislative Agenda for the upcoming legislative session. Members of the Oklahoma Legislature will participate in panel discussions covering education policy and funding.

Teacher Leader Effectiveness

McREL New Administrator Training
Measure what matters most, this two-day training is being offered for new administrators. Upon completion of the training, attendees will be certified to evaluate administrators.

McREL Re-Certification
This NEW McRel Recertification has been designed to include SREB findings that school administrators can benefit from more in-depth support in the areas of time-management, calibration, and managing hard conversations in the Teacher Leader Evaluation process.

McREL Training for Districts
Certified McREL Trainers Dr. Ruth Ann Carr and Debbie Arato, are offering in-service training for districts.

Tulsa Model New Administrator Training
This three-day training will cover both Process Training and Calibration Training. Upon completion of the training, and passing the test, participants will be certified in Tulsa Model Process and Calibration Training.

Tulsa Model Re-Certification I
Recent research in teacher evaluation has demonstrated that continued training is necessary in order to improve the reliability and validity of all evaluation systems. The requirements for Oklahoma TLE programs include recertification training for all administrators in their chosen model two years after their initial training.

Tulsa Model Re-Certification II
Research continues to show that administrators continue to seek training that is designed to provide teachers with a clear understanding of their performance and progress. The requirements for Oklahoma TLE programs include recertification training for all administrators in their chosen model every two years.

Tulsa Model Trainings for Teachers available from CCOSA and Barlow
Tulsa Model trainers are available to come to your district to provide a full or half-day orientation of the process for teachers as part of pre-school professional development.