Special education is a complex and difficult area, with frequent changes in information, materials and interpretation. To help Oklahoma schools keep pace, ODSS convenes two annual conferences in the fall and winter of each year.  In addition, ODSS provides professional development for First Year Directors through the First-Year Special Education Directors Project.    

ODSS Best Practices Conference

An annual two-day event which includes the following activities:

ODSS First-Year Directors

New first-year special education directors are eligible to participate in the First-Year Special Education Directors Project, a joint effort of ODSS/CCOSA and the State Department of Education, Special Education Services section. The purpose of the Project is to help support first-year directors as they learn the requirements of their new job.  There is no cost to participate. Over the school year, ODSS conducts four half-day training sessions, puts on at least two webinars, provides directors with resources and materials and pairs each new director with an experienced special education director/mentor. New first-year directors are paid a $50 stipend for each of the four in-person training sessions they attend. (Stipends are paid at the end of the school year.) Contact ODSS Director Andrea Kunkel or ODSS Assistant Laura Crabtree for further information.

Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA)
Summer Conference

The CCOSA June Conference encompasses all public school administrators from each association under the CCOSA umbrella (OASA, OAESP, OASSP, OMLEA and ODSS). The two-day conference includes:  

  • Recognition of CCOSA Administrators of the Year and scholarship winners 
  • Nationally known keynote speakers 
  • A mutlitude of concurrent sessions 
  • Association breakfasts and recognition of retiring CCOSA members  

A special strand for ODSS members is included in the programming of the CCOSA Summer Conference.