ODSS Best Practices Conference

ODSS Best Practices Conference

An annual event which includes the following activities:

Dr. Barbara Sorrels, author of Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to Trauma, addressing the impact of trauma on the young brain, and the relationship between exposure to trauma and disability

Kristin Atchley and Shawna Keene from the Oklahoma State Department of Education, discussing trauma-informed practices in evaluation and IEP development

Jacqueline Johns and Michelle Brown of Collinsville Public Schools, reviewing resources to help investigate the impact of trauma before and during the evaluation process, including functional behavior assessment

Dr. Lynette Thompson, Chief Administration Officer of BRIDGES and former special education administrator, examining the educator's role in addressing student anxiety

Other presenters will address SDE's new attendance rules, how they impact students whose disabilities have an attendance component and how IEP and 504 teams are addressing those issues

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