Legislative Goals

Legislative Goals

The Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals (OAESP) mission is to support administrators by providing quality professional learning, encouraging advocacy and networking for the improvement of PreK-8 education in Oklahoma. OAESP is a affiliate of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA).

Recruit and retain high quality teachers by supporting legislation that would help resolve the issue:
  • Ensure adequate funding for teacher salaries
  • Expand local control over teaching and leraning
  • Decrease the influence of high-stakes testing
  • Preserve the defined benefits plan for retired educators
  • Promote incentives to join the profession
  • Restore funding for a formalized induction program for new teachers
Finance public schools to meet 21st century learning needs including our growing and diverse student population:
  • Fully finance the Oklahoma School Funding Formula
  • Restore state appropriated per-pupil funding to prerecession levels to ensure appropriate class sizes for all age levels
  • Provide funds for principal/teacher professional learning designed to equip educators to address the needs of our most challenging populations, including children in trauma, and to successfully implement state mandated initiatives
  • Provide adequate funding for school support staff and paraprofessionals

Protect research-based student learning fundamentals:

  • Support legislation that will ensure a high quality, transparent, research based model for virtual education
  • Promote effective age and developmentally appropriate student assessments (criterion-referenced, formative, multi-year, varied, ongoing)
  • Ensure that student performance data from the state assessment is not a significant factor for determining teacher or principal effectiveness. Results should be considered a "snapshot" of student performance in each content area.

Click Here to download the Approved 2016-17 OAESP Legislative Goals in pdf format.