Clinton Middle School Principal Selected as 2020 OMLEA/OASSP Middle Level Principal of the Year
Mar 09, 2020
Will Parker


March 9, 2020 




OKLAHOMA CITY (March 9, 2020) – The Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals (OASSP) and the Oklahoma Middle Level Education Association (OMLEA) are pleased to announce Kyle Hilterbran of Clinton Middle School as the 2020 Middle Level Principal of the Year. Hilterbran will be recognized at the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA) Summer Leadership Conference this June. 

“We are very proud of Kyle’s work at Clinton Middle School,” said Kevin Hime, superintendent at Clinton Public Schools. “Successful principals aren’t just willing to try new things; they’re eager and excited to get out of the box.  Every day Kyle looks for ways to be creative and innovative.”

During his three years as principal at Clinton Middle School, Hilterbran has led efforts to increase student well-being and academic growth. Through establishing a guided coalition of teachers to review student academic data, embedding opportunities for re-teaching standards, and scheduling flex-time for student remediation, Clinton Middle School’s academic growth index growth has increased from 9% to 74% over the past two academic years.

“Our principal, Mr. Hilterbran, is a great support to us,” said Kathryn Meacham, 8th grader at Clinton Middle School. “He gives us multiple opportunities to take leadership roles in the decisions of our school and really cares about all students.”

Mr. Hilterbran promotes school culture by hosting Monday assemblies with celebration, student-led announcements, and awards. Weekly recognitions include “Caught You Being a Champion Awards,” Accelerated Reader Awards, and guest speakers who share ways they have succeeded in post-secondary education and careers. Students create weekly highlight videos that are also shared on their CMS TV YouTube station.He also practices shared leadership by meeting with students and parents monthly for feedback on ways to improve the school. Clinton Middle School also organizes parent-teacher conferences that include sign-ups for the Oklahoma Promise Scholarship and access to interpreters for parents who do not speak English.

Nancy Murray, 7th grade English, drama and choir teacher said, “Kyle Hilterbran has shaped our school culture with a constant focus on ensuring safety, facilitating learning at high levels for every student, and encouraging and fostering healthy relationships with both students and adults.” 

She also appreciates his enthusiasm for the fine arts. “He has a somewhat unique background because he excelled in both athletics and music while in high school. He has shared his musical knowledge with my students by occasionally participating with us in choir rehearsal and even assisting my boys in choir with sight-reading exercise. The number of boys in the CMS choir has doubled since Mr. Hilterbran has been as CMS,” said Ms. Murray.

In 2019, Hilterbran oversaw the creation of the Clinton Technical Applications Program (CTAP), a four-hour elective block where students alternate through options in hands-on technology engineering curriculum. As a result of high level academic courses and strong elective offerings, Clinton Middle School has seen increases in student attendance, improvements in student learning, and decreases in student discipline incidents.

"Kyle Hilterbran is an enthusiastic, dedicated school leader,” said William Parker, OASSP/OMLEA executive director. “The role of a principal is pivotal for student success, and Kyle is a great example of how hardworking principals across the state are serving their schools with passion and excellence. He is role model of how to lead with curiosity, collaboration and celebration.”

In addition to being recognized at the CCOSA Summer Leadership Conference, Mr. Hiltebran’s award will include attendance at one of the national conferences for secondary principals in 2019-2020.

"What a great honor it is to be named OASSP/OMLEA Middle Level Principal of the Year!” said Kyle Hilterbran.  “This is not an honor that I receive alone. This honor is also for all the teachers, students, and staff at Clinton Middle School. At CMS, we believe that ALL are learners and that by working together, we can meet our goals so all students can be successful. I want to thank Mr. Hime and the Clinton Public School Board for providing opportunities for growth for myself and all of the stakeholders in our school. Also, thank you to OASSP/OMLEA for presenting me the opportunity to showcase all the great educational tools we use here at Clinton Middle School."

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