Mutual Benevolence Plan (MBP)

Mutual Benevolence Plan (MBP)

Formerly known as the CCOSA Death Member Benefit Plan, the CCOSA & OkACTE Mutual Benevolence Plan (MBP) organizes and facilitates the voluntary, monetary contributions to the beneficiary of an eligible member upon the death of that member. Each program participant contributes $10.00 to the Mutual Benevolence Plan fund to provide financial assistance to the beneficiary of an active member of the program. The following members are eligible for the program:

  • Full-time active members of CCOSA and their spouses
  • Associate members of CCOSA, national members are not eligible to participate in the program.
  • Members of OkACTE deemed eligible to participate in the program
  • OARSA members are eligible if they’ve been a MBP participant for 3 years prior to retirement.

All participants that were active in the CCOSA Member Death Benefit Plan or the OkACTE Mutual Benevolence Plan as of March 1, 2017, do not need to re-enroll in the new program.

Please note these program guidelines:

  • When the participation enrollment window is opened, membership is achieved when the online enrollment form at is filled out and a payment method is selected: paying by credit card, mailing in a check, or setting up an automatic cash withdrawal from your checking/savings account (ACH) in order to make the initial $40.00 enrollment fee to CCOSA.
  • Each member of the program will be notified by email of the death of a participant and will then send $10.00 to replenish the fund through a link provided in the email or by mail. $10.00 for each participating member in the plan (minus a 5% administrative fee to CCOSA) will be sent or delivered to the beneficiary in the event of the death of a member or member’s spouse.
  • Program participants have 60 days after the death of a participating member or spouse to pay their $10.00 membership fee to the Mutual Benevolence Plan. CCOSA will provide notice to delinquent program participants within 30 days of the initial death notice that payment is needed to remain eligible for program benefits.
  • Additionally, Mutual Benevolence Plan participants will be eligible for a dues return benefit. Upon the death of a CCOSA active member, their beneficiary will receive a portion of their membership dues under the following schedule: $50.00 per year for the first five (5) consecutive years of CCOSA membership; $75.00 per year for years 6-10 of consecutive CCOSA membership; and $100.00 per year for years 11 and beyond of consecutive CCOSA membership.
  • The CCOSA Executive Committee shall serve as the Board of Directors of the Mutual Benevolence Plan for CCOSA members and shall resolve all questions and/or disputes pertaining to eligibility, distribution, and contributions. The CCOSA Executive Director shall annually prepare and present a report on the participation and usage of the Mutual Benevolence Plan. 

We encourage all CCOSA members to take advantage of this unique “insurance” opportunity. With your support, we can ensure that CCOSA members and their families receive immediate financial support during a most critical time.  Remember, enrolling in the Mutual Benevolence Plan is only a click away.

There is an average of 1,279 active members in the Mutual Benevolence Plan. In 2020, there were 13 deaths that occurred with an average payout of $12,130.00.

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