Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

Program Description

CCOSA is pleased to continue the Legal Assistance for School Districts Program for those districts that have previously participated in the program. Districts that did not participate in the Legal Assistance Program during the 2017-18 school year are ineligible to join this program and must instead join the CCOSA District Level Services ProgramThe Legal Assistance for School Districts Program is ADVISORY ONLY. Participating districts are NOT forming an attorney-client relationship with CCOSA’s attorneys.

For each fiscal year ending on June 30, CCOSA, through its Staff Attorney and General Counsel, will provide the following types of legal assistance to participating Oklahoma school districts:

  • Consultation by email, telephone, or in person at a CCOSA office with district staff members.
  • Assistance with review of district documents regarding employment, students, and professional services.
  • Specialized training at a CCOSA office (no additional travel expense for the participating district) or at another mutually convenient location with the CCOSA attorney’s actual travel expense paid by the participating district(s).
Oklahoma FlagEach participating school district may designate two district administrators who are authorized to initiate requests for legal assistance from the CCOSA attorneys. Districts with an ADM of 10,000 and above may designate three district administrators. The purpose of this designation is to ensure that questions that can be answered and situations that can be addressed appropriately by other administrators in the school district are handled within that district. It is CCOSA’s desire to make its program of legal assistance available to every school district in our state that chooses to participate. Therefore, participating school districts must use the legal assistance program judiciously. Although each participating district is limited to two or three designated administrators to initiate requests for legal assistance, the district may include additional school personnel in conference calls, on-site visits and training sessions. While school districts participating in this program will receive additional legal assistance above and beyond individual member services, participating districts are NOT forming an attorney-client relationship with CCOSA’s attorneys.

CCOSA’s program will emphasize special education and disability-related issues. There will be some matters with which the CCOSA Attorneys will be unable to provide assistance. In those situations, the CCOSA attorneys may recommend that the district seek legal advice and services from a non-CCOSA attorney, which may cause the school district to incur legal expenses for services not covered by CCOSA’s program.

CCOSA encourages school districts considering participation in this program to weigh their probable areas of need and the areas of expertise of the CCOSA attorneys. Any school district considering participation in the program is encouraged to visit with the CCOSA attorneys in advance about the program so that the district makes a reasonable and financially sound decision regarding its participation.

Cost to Participating School Districts (based upon each district’s size in ADM for the preceding fiscal year)

25,000 plus $2,000 6
10,000 to 24,999 $1,500 6
5,000 to 9,999 $1,200 4
2,000 to 4,999 $1,000 4
1,000 to 1,999 $800 3
500 to 999 $700 3
499 or less $600 2

Any administrator from a participating school district who is a member of CCOSA will still be entitled to all the privileges and benefits of CCOSA membership, including access to a CCOSA attorney permitted by that administrator’s membership level.

CCOSA reserves the right to refuse participation to school districts and to remove school districts from participation in the program.

Events Included with Participation in the Legal Assistance Program:

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Additional Information

For additional information, please contact CCOSA General Counsel Andrea Kunkel ( or Deputy General Counsel Hayley Jones (

Legal Assistance for School Districts Documents and Forms:

  • Click here to download the Legal Assistance Letter and enrollment form in typable pdf format.