Benefits of CCOSA Membership

Benefits of CCOSA Membership

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CCOSA Membership Benefits

Membership year is July 1 through June 30

  • United voice in state legislative activities
  • Online services; including Professional Development and legislative updates
  • Annual Conference for all members
  • Professional and legal assistance to active members, including reimbursement of up to $500 in legal fees in cases of dismissal or non-renewal
  • Free subscription to Better Schools Magazine
  • Discounted professional development programs throughout the year
  • Liaison with the State Department of Education and other state associations
How To Join
  • View the membership form here.
  • You can choose to fill it out online or mail in a hard copy to the CCOSA office.
  • Learn about all of the optional benefits.
  • Choose your association. Joining any one of the five associations automatically makes you a member of CCOSA.
  • You can pay by payroll deduction, personal check or personal credit card.
  • Get started by checking out the Professional Development Calendar.

Who's Eligible?
  • CCOSA Membership is for Administrators serving at ANY level at the state, school district, or site level.
  • Members who serve as administrators are not precluded from joining other CCOSA associations.
  • Associate memberships are for school employees that are NOT administrators and are not active CCOSA members
  • Joining a national association does NOT make you a member of CCOSA

What Benefits do I get from CCOSA Membership?

CCOSA urges our members to renew and invites non-members to join one of CCOSA's constituent associations: OASA, OASSP, OAESP, ODSS, or OMLEA. In addition, we invite all retired members to continue with the association via OARSA.

Membership continues to grow. The potential is nearly 3,000 administrators. In addition, there are hundreds of professional educators and classified personnel who are eligible to join CCOSA as associate members. Each potential member is of vital importance to CCOSA, both as a voice within the association and as a competent ally in facing the challenges in education.

No other group in education faces the pressures and responsibilities that administrators do; we need the assurance of a strong and viable state organization. Each member deserves the support and assistance necessary to carry on the tasks of education for the ultimate benefit of students in our schools. CCOSA creates a forum for a powerful, collective voice on issues that are critical to Oklahoma schools, educators, and students.

Payroll Deduction for Membership Dues

“You may be aware of the recent passage of HB 1749 which prohibits payroll deductions for membership dues in any organization that "on or after November 1, 2015, collectively bargains on behalf of its membership pursuant to any provision of federal law."  CCOSA does not collectively bargain on behalf of our membership pursuant to any provision of federal law.  Therefore, HB 1749 does NOT apply to CCOSA and our members are entitled to continue having membership dues payroll deducted and transmitted to our organization.”


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