Lead Like Me - Student/Advisor Leadership Workshop

Lead Like Me - Student/Advisor Leadership Workshop

Training Student Leaders and Advisors

OAESP's Student Leadership Workshop "Lead Like Me" has trained more than 600 Oklahoma students and their advisors to be successful leaders on their campuses.  During the one day workshop, 4th-6th grade students and their advisors learn to create a dynamic student leadership team.  This is a great PTA/PTO project to fund for your students!!!    Please consider hosting a "Lead Like Me" session at your school and registration is now open for the 2019 trainings.


Workshop Benefits

Student leaders and advisors receive invaluable handbooks containing essential information needed to create a successful student council or student leadership program at their school.  Each participant also receives a free Lead Like Me t-shirt.  They also:

• Discover techniques to generate peer participation.

• Explore tools to create meaningful and challenging projects and fundraisers.

• Network with other student leaders.

During their own session, students will:

• Discover the leadership style they possess and learn to develop it in order to become a successful leader.

• Understand roles and responsibilities and how to effectively communicate as a student leader.

• Learn how to utilize an agenda and what is expected of them in a meeting.

• Experience the excitement of networking with student leaders in other schools.

• Identify leadership challenges and problem-solving techniques.

During their own session, advisors will:

• Learn how to organize the council or student leadership program and keep it active all year.

• Explore how to develop a constitution, establish the criteria for membership and hold a successful election.

• Discover a successful and unique project and fundraising ideas.

• Learn how to become a nationally recognized Student Council.

• Have invaluable networking time with experienced StuCo/leadership team advisors.

• Have time during a joint session to work with their own leadership team.

The workshop provides an important time to share:

• Ideas

• Successful programs

• Challenges

• Questions


• NAESP Student Council Excellence Awards

Recognize student leaders for outstanding participation in the following areas: community service, student leadership, citizenship, and school spirit. Councils must be a member of ASCA in order to qualify for the award. The cost for membership is $50 for NAESP members and $75 for non-members.

Student Council Excellence Award Application