Gold Level Partners

Gold Level Partners

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Gold Level Partner

To be considered a Gold Level Partner, the vender must meet the criteria listed below and have a signed agreement detailing support and the Council's Commitment
  1. Financial support of the Council must reach the level of $10,000 or more.
  2. Have broad based appeal to schools/districts and CCOSA members
  3. Provide services that are important to school districts and CCOSA members
  4. Offer Quality and reliable services and products
  5. Agreement detailing support for CCOSA and benefits derived from support

Gold Partners will receive the following Benefits from CCOSA

  1. Letter of endorsement for specific products and/or services
  2. Recognize Key People from Gold Partner at sponsored events
  3. Sponsor may display materials at sponsored events
  4. Name tags at events will recognize sponsor as Gold Partner
  5. Company listed on Web Site and in Better Schools as Endorsed Service and/or Product
  6. Invitation to address CCOSA Executive Committee when approved by the CCOSA Executive Director

CCOSA Corporate Sponsors Program Information in pdf format.