Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

2020 Gene Keith Recipient
Reagan Detrick
Ringwood High School

Reagan has had a love of learning with a competitive spirit from a very young age.  She has excelled academically and athletically because of her determination, drive, and giving extra effort.  Reagan has been described as positive, enthusiastic, hardworking, and trustworthy.  She plans to complete her degree in Secondary Education at Oklahoma State University.  Reagan is the daughter of Wade Detrick.  

2020 Harvey Reimer Recipient
Zoie Newman
McAlester High School

Spending time with great grandparents helped to shape the way for Zoie Newman’s career path in Geriatric Medicine.  While in high school, Zoie has participated in various community service projects and developed an activity for elders in nursing homes to connect with high schools students.  Zoie has achieved academically and has acquired several skills and experiences that will benefit her as she pursues her degree.  She is the daughter of Adam Newman and plans to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Biology at East Central University and will then pursue a degree in medicine.  Zoie is the daughter of Adam Newman.

2020 Randall Raburn Recipient 
Tobias Johnson
Piedmont High School

Upon graduation, Tobias Johnson plans to obtain a degree in Economics/Political Science at Columbia University in New York.  He has served his school in numerous leadership roles while being active in community service.  Not only is Tobias a great leader he is an extraordinary student and constantly seeks ways to learn more and become a better person all while serving others.  Tobias is the son of Trinity Johnson.

2020 Steven Crawford Recipient
Jenna Holderman
Owasso High School

Jenna knew from a very young age that she wanted a career where she could be directly involved in helping people.  After having the opportunity to follow a nurse mentor, she was convinced that nursing was a career fit for her.  Jenna has been found to be a diligent student while being involved in many school activities.  She plans to attend the University of Arkansas where she will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  Jenna is the daughter of George Holderman.

2020 OSAG Regional Scholarship Recipients

Northeast Region Northwest Region
Sarah Walker
Stillwater High School
Devin Melton
Bethany High School
Sarah is known as a student of exemplary character, scholarship, and citizenship.  She has been actively involved in a number of clubs and organizations throughout high school.  Sara has won many awards in 4-H and F.C.C.L.A.  She currently owns her own business, Personal Cake and Bread.  Sarah plans to attend the University of Central Oklahoma where she will major in Theatre Performance.  Sarah is the daughter of Catharine Walker. Devin is the daughter of Mark Melton and plans to attend the University of Oklahoma where she will major in Psychology.  Devin is a leader among her peers as well as the entire student body.  She exceptional interpersonal skills and is always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary to help other students.


Southeast Region Southwest Region
Macy Davenport
Holdenville High School
Hunter Webb
Altus High School
While in high school, Macy has participated in numerous school activities and has excelled academically.  While in college, she plans to actively participate in various organizations.   Macy feels that her determination, persistence, and drive will help her achieve her goals.  She plans to attend the University of Oklahoma where she will major in Pre-Med.  Randal Davenport is Macy's father. Hunter Webb has been accepted to Northeastern State University and plans to major in Management.  While there, he plans to fultill two dreams -- playing college football and obtaining a degree.  In high school, Hunter not only excelled on the football field, he also excelled academically.  Hunter was active in student government in high school and hopes to participate in orgnizations at NSU, finding ways to make a difference on campus and in the community.  Hunter is the son of Debra Webb.