Assistant Principal Workshop
Join OAESP, OMLEA, and OASSP award winning assistant principals from across the state for this one-day event. Lunch is included in registration!

This workshop is built for assisant principals, deans, assistant directors or aspiring principals who want to expand their capacity as school leaders.

How do you manage the unique challenges of leading in a school as an assistant principal, dean, or assistant director?

If you are new or a veteran assistant, you play such an integral part in the success of your school.  OASSP Executive Director, William D. Parker, and author of Messaging Matters: How School Leaders Can Inspire Teachers, Motivate Students, and Reach Communites will bring together administrators across the state to present the 8-Hats for School Leaders Framework, adressing issues AP’s face each year, including:

1. Coaching: Learning how to support your principal in courageous decision-making centered on the core values of your school and district.
2. Counseling: Learning how to be an active listener and understanding keys to conflict resolution and difficult conversations.
3. Management: Learning to maximize your time by identifying key responsibilities areas for yourself and your fellow team members/teachers/staff.
4. Accountability: Learning how to embrace crucial conversations and non-negotiable expectations for yourself and others in instructional leadership.
5. Cheerleader: Learning to power and importance of recognizing, celebrating, and showcasing successes among students, teachers, and the school community.
6. Servant-Leadership: Learning the importance of modeling what is expected, rolling up your sleeves, and going first in doing what matters.
7. Individual: Learning to avoid burnout by committing to personal growth and investing in areas of life outside of being an assistant principal.
8. Team-player: Learning to ask for help, delegate, depend on others and admit you are not a superman or superwoman while building school culture.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with other Oklahoma school leaders!

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Assistant Principal Workshop

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