Tulsa Model TLE Re-Certification

Recent research in teacher evaluation has demonstrated that continued training is necessary in order to improve the reliability and validity of all evaluation systems. The requirements for Oklahoma TLE programs include recertification training for all administrators in their chosen model two years after their initial training. This year, the Tulsa Model recertification training will focus on:

  1. Changes to the Tulsa Model rubric
  2. Changes in Tulsa Model processes
  3. Further calibration training

Modifications have been made to the Tulsa Model rubric to clarify descriptors and reduce ambiguity in language. These changes are designed to increase the reliability and validity of ratings. Calibration training is also designed to improve rater accuracy. Process changes include a new option for administrators – a Goal Setting Form that may, in certain circumstances, be used in lieu of a Personal Development Plan (PDP). The Goal Setting Form is a more collaborative method of helping teachers improve. We are excited about providing this additional option for helping teachers address indicators in need of development.

These trainings are being offered for administrators who have already completed the initial Tulsa Model Training.

Event Information

Tulsa Model TLE Re-Certification
October 24, 2018    8:30am - 4:30pm
Edmond Public Schools Administration Center (A), Edmond
1001 West Danforth Road, Oklahoma A

October 25, 2018    8:30am - 4:30pm
Great Plains Technology Center, Lawton
4500 Southwest Lee Boulevard, Building 700, Room 701

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