District Level Services Program

District Level Services Program


School budgets continue to be reduced by the state, and greater resources are needed in order for school districts to continue serving students well. Against this backdrop, CCOSA strives to do more to support our members while being mindful of the important services other Oklahoma organizations currently provide to rural and suburban school districts as well as to boards of education.

Our goal is to support education leaders by offering exceptional services for Better Schools. With this in mind, we are excited to announce we are continuing our District Level Services Program, established a year ago, to offer school districts support and services in the following areas:
  • Legal and Financial Services
  • Professional Development and Communication
  • I.T. Services
  • School Facilities, Security, and Safety
  • Website Offering Service
  • Administrative Management Services
  • Student Achievement
  • District and State-Level Education Analytics

Districts that formerly participated in CCOSA’s Legal Assistance Program will have the option to continue membership in that program. However, to retain your current benefits and access these additional benefits, districts must join the District Level Services Program.

Cost to Participating School Districts
(based upon each district's size in ADM for 2016-17)

ADM COST TOTAL Workshop Registrations Allowed
25,000 plus $ 4,000 18
10,000 to 24,999 $ 3,000 18
 5,000 to 9,999 $ 2,500 12
 1,500 to 4,999 $ 2,000 12
   500 to 1,499 $ 1,800 12
   499 or less $ 1,500 12

CCOSA District Level Services Program Member Benefits

Our goal is to support education leaders by offering exceptional services for better schools. Members of the District Level Services Program may take advantage of the following supports and services:

  • Legal and Financial Services: Legal advisory services will be provided by Andrea Kunkel, and Hayley Jones. Specifically and new this year, Andrea will provide special education policy and procedures review and support. School budget planning and advisory services will be provided by Vernon Florence, Derald Glover and Pam Deering.
  • Professional Development and Communication: CCOSA will host regional professional development days and periodic webinars on hot topics and provide a monthly newsletter with the most current information on issues affecting the work of education leaders.
  • I.T. Services: CCOSA partner United Systems, Inc. will provide 1:1 planning frameworks, I.T. job descriptions, and monthly webinars and updates.
  • School Facilities, Security, and Safety: CCOSA partner kerr 3 design group, inc. and Red Sky Constructors, LLC will offer advisory services to districts with questions relating to building design, infrastructure, building permits, bidding, and construction. The Oklahoma School Security Institute will provide no-cost safety inspections of schools, and highly qualified trainers will help districts create local emergency operation plans.
  • Website Offering Service: CCOSA partner SOCS will offer exclusive discounts to participating districts for website services.
  • Administrative Management Services: CCOSA partner Barlow Education Management Services will offer participating districts FREE Inform Level membership with Hire For Ed (a $200 Value), its newly released system for recruiting teachers and other district employees.
  • Student Achievement: CCOSA partner Renaissance Learning will help districts accelerate student gains in Reading and Mathematics by offering exclusive discounts to participating districts for professional development, instructional coaching, software startup fees, and data integration (RDI) fees. Districts receive a 10% discount on these services.
  • District and State-Level Education Analytics: CCOSA has partnered with Forecast5 Analytics to provide state-level education budget and personnel data analytics to school districts. Participants will be able to compare their district to other districts and critically evaluate how local expenditures are used to impact student achievement and employee performance. Districts receive a 10% discount for this subscription.

2018-19 Workshop Registration

Below is a list of approved professional development workshops from which your District may select at no cost as part of your participation in the CCOSA District Level Services Program (“Program”).

Finance Workshops:
  • Advanced School Finance - Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • State Revenue & the State Budgeting Process
  • NEW: Specialized School District Budget Preparation (For District Level Services partners only) presented at two sites (OKC and Tulsa). Emphasis will be on the preparation of a budget for the current school year for each individual school district in attendance.
  • NEW: Two hours of "one on one" consultation for each District Level Services partner at the CCOSA office in OKC or at a Tulsa location. If consultation is in the school district, the school district would agree to pay travel expenses that would not be a part of this agreement.
Legal Workshops:
  • School Law for Administrators (Two workshops- Fall, 2018 and Spring, 2019- added one workshop)
  • OASA Legislative Conference
Other Professional Learning Workshops as requested in the Annual Survey:
  • NEW: Communication (using Social Media effectively and legally) and How to Advocate Effectively
  • NEW: Media/Crisis Communication Training
  • NEW: Leadership Training: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • NEW: Home/School/Community Engagement
  • NEW: Mentoring New School Leaders: Providing Support for School Success and Designing Quality Professional Learning
  • NEW: School Safety and Security: Intruder Training and Safety Devices
  • NEW: New Principal Assistance Training

Membership is the program is now open and we encourage districts to join! To learn more about the program and/or to sign up today, please click here to download the District Level Services Letter and Agreement Form in pdf format.

For more information, please contact Laura Crabtree at 918-928-4353 or laura@ccosa.org.