CCOSA Legislative Goals 2018-19

CCOSA supports legislative efforts that enable public schools to continue providing relevant, individualized, and well-rounded academic offerings to students from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary education.

CCOSA seeks a commitment from the Oklahoma Legislature to establish a long-term funding plan for public schools in Oklahoma that will enable districts to provide a pay raise for teachers and support staff and to provide operational money sufficient for successful implementation of other state-mandated initiatives.

CCOSA seeks a financial commitment from the Oklahoma Legislature to recruit and retain high quality teachers by ensuring educators continue to have access to state-provided health insurance coverage, a defined benefit at retirement that allows for retired educators to work without penalty for Oklahoma public schools, and by increasing teacher pay to outpace states in our region.

CCOSA supports efforts to stop the legislature’s continual erosion of local tax revenues that support school districts.

CCOSA endorses effective, efficient, and relevant student testing to evaluate student mastery of state academic standards with proficiency scores aligned with the entrance standards of higher education and the workforce. 

CCOSA supports modified assessment opportunities for students on individualized education plans.

CCOSA supports the continued development and implementation of accountability measures that are research-based multi-criteria indicators of student growth. 

CCOSA believes in the uniform application of accountability measures and standards to any Oklahoma school receiving financial support from the state.

CCOSA supports efforts which allow local boards of education to issue the final determination in all matters of high stakes decisions, including but not limited to third grade retention, graduation requirements, and employment matters.

CCOSA supports teacher certification requirements that will maintain high standards for teachers while enabling additional qualified persons to enter the classroom to fill vacancies in general and special education classrooms across the state.

CCOSA seeks a commitment from the legislature to provide professional development funding which supports ongoing growth opportunities designed to equip administrators in successfully implementing state-mandated initiatives.

CCOSA seeks legislation to establish a university-affiliated research and treatment facility with day school and residential options designed for students with autism spectrum disorders who, due to significant self-injurious and/or physically aggressive behaviors, need placement outside of the local school district, and including a training component for university students, school personnel and parents.

CCOSA seeks to ensure that any new mandate requiring school districts to screen for and/or treat various conditions is well-thought out and supported by sufficient funding and a realistic timeline for effective implementation.

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