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Political Action Committee (PAC)

CCOSA PAC Information

The Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration's Political Action Committee

(CCOSA PAC) is one of the most effective political action committees working to elect to state office candidates who will fight to safeguard and strengthen public education in Oklahoma. CCOSA PAC is our voice at the state capitol- it speaks on behalf of you and over 2,700 active and retired school administrators from all five unified affiliate associations under the CCOSA Umbrella. In addition, CCOSA PAC supports former CCOSA members in their campaigns for state office. Our ability to assist candidates and their campaigns allows us to develop meaningful relationships with legislators and other state office holders.


Our Voice in Oklahoma City

CCOSA PAC provides direct financial support to recommended candidates for statewide office, the Oklahoma House and the State Senate who will fight to support students, parents and educators. Your donation to CCOSA PAC stays here in Oklahoma where it can do the most good for our students and their schools! We do not contribute to candidates for federal elected office. Every member who contributes to CCOSA PAC does so voluntarily. CCOSA does not use dues dollars to support the CCOSA PAC.


The Impact of Giving to the CCOSA PAC

The life of every CCOSA member and his or her family is impacted each day by decisions made by politicians in Oklahoma City. From assessment and accountability requirements, the number of students in classrooms, the way administrators evaluate teachers, the amount of funding made available to support school programs, the Reading Sufficiency Act and even the size of an educator's paycheck, important decisions about your life and career are made every day by elected officials. If you join together with other CCOSA members to make your voice and concerns heard, you can help elect state officials who will positively impact your work, your students, your schools and your communities. The CCOSA PAC Board urges you to consider making a voluntary contribution to support CCOSA PAC today! Your donation gives you the power to support the election of pro-public education candidates who will represent your values and concerns in all aspects of Oklahoma government.


CCOSA PAC Board Members

The Political Action Committee Board Members are: Dr. Pam Deering (Chair),  Andrea Kunkel (Treasurer), Cynda Kolar (Deputy Treasurer), Melisa Kifer, Kyle Reynolds, Dr. Matt Posey, Janalyn Taylor, Kate Creekmore, Rachell English, Randy Biggs, David Beiler, Robb Mills, Ashley Hoggatt, Teresa Golden, and Dr. Gregg Garn.

DID YOU KNOW? If every CCOSA member donated just $25.00, the cost of giving up your favorite Starbucks drink for one week, we would have over $60,000.00 to donate to candidates.

CCOSA PAC Contribution Form