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OASSP Legislative Goals


OASSP seeks full funding for all state created mandates or their elimination.

OASSP supports long-term funding to maintain competitive teacher salaries, health insurance and retirement benefits that are regionally competitive and empowers schools to recruit, hire and retain outstanding teachers.

OASSP seeks a commitment from the legislature to provide professional development funding which supports ongoing growth opportunities designed to equip administrators in successfully implementing state mandated initiatives.

OASSP seeks commitment from the Oklahoma Legislature to increase levels and sources of tax revenue for common education in order to restore per-pupil funding to pre-recession levels.

OASSP supports the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s continued funding for the distribution of the ACT or SAT (district choice) to all Oklahoma high school juniors. OASSP supports the use of the ACT or SAT (district choice) as the required assessment for the State of Oklahoma.  Additionally, OASSP supports the continued efforts to lower the number of state mandated tests.