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CCOSA Strategic Plan

Goals and objectives 

1. Establish and organizational culture and infrastructure to increase membership, board engagement and participation, connect staff to the community through leadership positioning, and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders in public education. 

  • Engage the board of CCOSA and its sub-organizations in meaningful ways regarding our organization and its impact on the future of public education. 
  • Enrich CCOSA staff culture through systematic professional development and leadership positioning in Oklahoma. 
  • Increase the participation of outside stakeholders in the working goals and objectives of CCOSA.

2. Be the statewide leader in professional development and continuing education for school administrators in Oklahoma through a comprehensive array of membership services to build capacity in public education. 

  • Assess and increase use of technology for promotion of CCOSA programs and advocacy. 
  • Evaluate and improve current professional development curriculum to become the state's preeminent learning environment of choice for Oklahoma's school administrators. 
  • Increase membership and engagement through a comprehensive examination of current member benefits and evaluation of impact of membership services. 

3. Lead the conversation regarding public education by creating and putting place a comprehensive public awareness campaign to inform the public's perception about the quality and effectiveness of Oklahoma's public schools. 

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign. 
  • Establish CCOSA, its staff and its board as education experts to create a more significant presence with mass media so that CCOSA is seen as the "go-to-source" for credible information on educational policy. 
  • Create and disseminate positive messaging which encompasses our core beliefs regarding the transformative power of public education. 

4. Develop a policy platform and initiatives that will elect pro-public education officials and adequately support them to make informed decisions which benefit students and their public schools. 

  • Create a mechanism to educate and inform policy makers to make sound decisions that benefit students and enhance the work of educators. 

Dr. Pam Deering

CCOSA/OASA Executive Director