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Legislative Briefings

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

      CCOSA, OSSBA and USSA Legislative Briefings will be held every Tuesday throughout the Legislative Session. Come join your colleagues to discuss the opening of the legislative session, react to Governor Fallin’s State of the State Address, and receive your copy of the latest legislative tracking list . . . read more

Legislative Action Alert: Vote YES on SB 707 High School Testing

February 24, 2015

Legislative Action Alert Senate Bill 707: High School Testing Please contact  Your Senator  from the  Senate Appropriations & Budget Committee  and urge them to vote YES ON SB 707! . . . read more

Legislative Action Alert – Vote NO on HB 1512 (Educational Interpreters for the Deaf)

February 23, 2015

HB 1512 , by Rep. Sally Kern , R-OKC, will be heard in the House Common Education Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 1:30 p.m.  The bill would change the definition of “qualified” for educational interpreters that work . . . read more

Legislative Action Alert: Senate Education Committee (ACE /Testing, RSA, and Charters)

February 23, 2015

We support SB 707 by Senator John W. Ford , R-Bartlesville.  We also support SB 784  and SB 785 by Senator Clark Jolley , R-Edmond.  These bills will be heard this morning at 9:00 a.m. in the Senate Education . . . read more

Legislative Action Alert: Vote NO on SB 609 (Vouchers)

February 23, 2015

Legislative Action Alert – SB 609 SB 609 is being considered at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday by the Senate Finance Committee Please contact members of the Senate Finance Committee and your State Senator and . . . read more

Legislative Action Alert: VOTE NO ON VOUCHERS

February 13, 2015

Legislative Action Alert VOTE NO ON VOUCHERS SENATE BILL 609 & HOUSE BILL 2003: VOUCHERS There are two bills being considered on Monday by two separate legislative committees that have the potential of . . . read more


February 13, 2015

Legislative Action Alert VOTE YES ON TEACHER RECRUITMENT SENATE BILL 20: TEACHER RECRUITMENT Senate Bill 20 , by Senator Ron Sharp , R-Shawnee and Rep. Katie Henke , R-Tulsa, creates an opportunity for . . . read more

Secure Rural Schools Funding Vote

December 4, 2014

Good morning all Later today, Congress is voting on funding for the PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) and SRS (Secure Rural Schools and Community) Program. The current proposal includes $70m for PILT and ZERO for SRS. Please contact . . . read more

List of Approved Interim Studies for the House and State Senate

August 7, 2014

Listed below you will find: List of approved House Interim Studies  (pdf format) Studies related to Common Education have been highlighted List of approved Senate Interim Studies (pdf format) . . . read more

2013-14 CCOSA Legislative Goals

December 10, 2013

LEGISLATIVE GOALS 2013-14 CCOSA seeks a commitment from the Oklahoma Legislature to restore per pupil funding to pre-recession levels; putting an end to the moratorium on accreditation standards and allowing for . . . read more

HB 1661 - School Bullying & Prevention Act

August 21, 2013

House Bill 1661 substantially amends the School Bullying Prevention Act, changing its title to the School Safety & Bullying Prevention Act and imposing many new requirements that must be included in District policy.  It also . . . read more

EOI-Related Legislation

August 9, 2013

House Bill 1756, effective as of May 23, 2013 Senate Bill 559, effective as of August 22, 2013 (90 days after adjournment) Summary:  House Bill 1756 modifies EOI diploma requirements for certain students with IEPs. . . . read more

New School Laws - 2013

August 6, 2013

The attached is a summary of legislation passed during the last legislative session, along with the budget for schools and rules passed by the State Board of Education. From CCOSA and USSA: New School Laws 2013 . . . read more

Summary of Senate Bills 256 and 258

July 31, 2013

School Safety Drills, per Senate Bills 256 and 258, effective as of July 1, 2013 All Oklahoma public schools must conduct at least the following safety drills during every school year: 2 lockdown drills; the . . . read more

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